WOMANZINE is a zine about / for / not for women.
We are currently Tumbling inspiration for PATTERN.

WOMANZINE is a production of WOMANSINC.,
birthed ceremoniously through WOMANDINNER.

Interested in submitting? Get in touch!
(so long as you are a woman or identify as one.)

All original content—specifically, zine submissions posted here—is copyright Womansinc., 2013.

CULT deadline a week away

Women, we hope you have been obsessing, †††religiously†††, about your WOMANZINE submission for our Cult issue because the deadline is a week away! Jan 15! When you’re ready, send your submission to womansinc [at] gmail.

If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas of what “cult” might mean to you, so get drawing, writing, collaging, filming, joke-writing, or whatever. Some vids to inspire you:

Reply or email us this week if you have any cult ideas you think we should know about and brainwash spread to the world!

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