WOMANZINE is a zine about / for / not for women.
We are currently Tumbling inspiration for PATTERN.

WOMANZINE is a production of WOMANSINC.,
birthed ceremoniously through WOMANDINNER.

Interested in submitting? Get in touch!
(so long as you are a woman or identify as one.)

All original content—specifically, zine submissions posted here—is copyright Womansinc., 2013.

Submission deadline extended to Jan. 31

Ok, CULT submission deadline is hereby extended to Tuesday, Jan. 31. 

Thanks to those of you who have contributed already! 
I’d like to emphasize that we would love to see your multimedia submissions — audio, video, animated gifs, powerpoint presentations, etc. We’ll be experimenting with putting things online in new ways and would be jazzed to:
  • hear your reading of a scientology poem (we could put the transcription in the print version)
  • see the animated gif you made of your favorite cult movie (we could put a few slides in print)
  • watch the video of you lighting candles during a witchy seance (we’d put some screen shots in the static zine)
Let us know if you have any questions!
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