WOMANZINE is a zine about / for / not for women.
We are currently Tumbling inspiration for PATTERN.

WOMANZINE is a production of WOMANSINC.,
birthed ceremoniously through WOMANDINNER.

Interested in submitting? Get in touch!
(so long as you are a woman or identify as one.)

All original content—specifically, zine submissions posted here—is copyright Womansinc., 2013.

Today. Deadline. Now.

Sup y’all. Today is the deadline for submitting to Womanzine, the CULT issue. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

It takes us a little time to put the zine together, so if you are STILL PLANNING TO SUBMIT, get in touch, and we’ll save some room for you. Email womansinc[at]gmail.

Too sexy and weird,

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