WOMANZINE is a zine about / for / not for women.
We are currently Tumbling inspiration for PATTERN.

WOMANZINE is a production of WOMANSINC.,
birthed ceremoniously through WOMANDINNER.

Interested in submitting? Get in touch!
(so long as you are a woman or identify as one.)

All original content—specifically, zine submissions posted here—is copyright Womansinc., 2013.

    It is nearly summer—and all that we are dreaming of these days. So we’ve decided to dedicate this next issue to a favorite summer activity: camping. And we’d like to invite you to submit something! Deadline July 1st. Email your submission to womansinc [at] gmail.
    CAMP things we’re thinking would be cool:
    • Summer camp: crushes, sunburns, heat rashes, awkward moments (the kind of thing you would’ve submitted to Teen magazine), etc.
    • Camp on TV or in movies (ahem)
    • Camping: in tents, when it’s great, when it sucks, when you went with your parents and it was really so rad
    • Camping as portrayed in a book or music video, like this Mariah Carey fave.
    • GO CRAZYYY (somewhere within the realms of def.s 1&2)
    Types of submissions we accept: pretty much everything. Check out our site to help imagination how your piece might look. Kinds of things you might think of doing: 
    • GIFs
    • Cartoons
    • Jokes, knock-knock or not or whatever
    • Personal Essays
    • Photographs
    • Recipes
    • DIY projects
    • Illustrations
    • Fiction
    • Case studies
    • So much more
    Our Tumblr is updated with whatever is inspiring us each issue, so follow us here or on Twitter. For the uninitiated, WOMANZINE is a zine by women. It is always beautiful, sometimes absurd, and historically tongue-in-cheek. Our archives are available online, if you’d like to familiarize yourself. 
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