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Jenna Wortham, fan of our Emoji issue and the technology reporter for the NY Times, just wrote “Online Emotions, in Hundreds of New Flavors” about emoji. While this may be considered old news, Wortham specifically points out the new sticker fad in apps; an expert says it may be too late for them to catch on.
Stickers or no, we still don’t want to live a life without emoji.

Saturday Links: Emoji Poetics Edition

The serious dialogue on emoticons that we’ve all been waiting for.

Thanks, Rookie! We love you, too.
We are thrilled to tell you that we’ve just launched the Emoji issue! Go check it out!

And thank you to all the contributors — you’ve done excellent, and weird, and sexy work; and we’re proud to show it off.
And still more emoji resources: Emojicons.com provides “Emoticons, kaomoji, facemarks, and smileys galore!” AND you can use the table flipping tool to flip text.
Brief history of the smiley EXISTS! But it’s not that good, so we still need your help writing a better one.
(◦ˇ _̆ ˇ◦) Top 50 Emoticons Duncan Saved on His Computer to Use Later
We hereby officially announce the theme of the next Womanzine issue: E M O J I. 
Still or animated, holiday-themed or heteronormative, emoji are everywhere. So we’re inviting YOU to submit something emoji-related for our next issue by January 10, 2013 (we’re launching this issue on/around Valentine’s Day, if that makes any sort of difference to you).

Questions we’d like to have answered:

When did we start calling them “emoji” and stop calling them “emoticons”?
Is “emoji” Japanese?
Are most emoji developed in Japan?
Are Japanese people able to communicate only using emoji?
Do you know an emoji developer?
Can you make your own emoji?
If so, can you put it on your phone and send it to people?
What are the socio-cultural implications of the iPhone emoji set?
Why does the “extra” emoji set in Gmail have a host of emotions for a white face, but not a brown one?
Can you write a recipe using emoji?
Where can we make emoji of our faces so that we can text them to friends?
Why do teens always have emoji in their Twitter handles?
Have you hacked your Android so you can text with iPhone emoji? 
Womanzine accepts basically all forms of media and encourages weird/complex things, but also loves a good knock-knock joke. For example, we love:

poems / recollections / musings
DIY / craft shit / collages / illustrations / photographs
book reviews (??? is there a book about emoji???)
videos / gifs / screen grabs with stories
songs / mix tapes (ahem, mp3s or spotify or soundcloud etc.)

Email us here to submit or to ask questions about a submission. Check out past issues for inspiration.